Who's that girl?

About ME


My name is Olivia Nelson. I am a person who’s mind works in the form of bullet points, so let me make a list of things that you should know about me. I am:

  • An Editing and Publishing major (as of September 2019)
  • Working on getting enough education and work experience to become a successful editor– freelance or (fingers crossed) working with Deseret Book editiors
  • A Spanish language teacher at the Missionary Training Center
  • An engaged woman who is in love with her fiancé
  • Always adding to or creating playlists for every mood, feeling, time, and/or moment on Spotify
  • A words person– anything with words is appealing to me
    • Books, music lyrics (Coldplay especially), movie scripts, poems, stories, compliments… you name it
  • The oldest child in my family with four younger brothers #brothersrule
  • Dreaming of ways to return to Barcelona, Spain to visit my mission areas
  • Not interested in cutting my long hair. It’s too fun to play with and you can often find me fiddling with it in my fingers when I’m nervous
  • An outdoors person. I would much rather be doing something outside than inside.
  • A friend. I enjoy meeting new people and being friendly to everyone

I hope that this blog can be a space where I can put my thoughts and creativity about the various readings for my DIGHT 215 class in addition to whatever else might come to mind!

My favorite song of all time. Feel free to listen if you want to be uplifted in an instant.